Act like a Pro with your recording studio

If you’re new to home recording and are trying to decide which software to buy, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Asking what the best recording software is may seem like a great place to start . These days we have so many advancements in Home Recording Software, a good record is not only made of good vocals and good instrumentation. A lot of hard work should be put into the computer, when tracks are put together, sounds are edited, noise is reduced, and a lot of things are adjusted – a lot of which are dependent on both hardware and software. To be honest someone without talent can still come up with a good record simply with the help of good Home Recording Software like the One of the best and well known name in music industry is presonus software. . With a good knowledge of the software, anyone can sound like a pro, so the trick is identifying the correct software that will help you sound like a rock star or a diva, or whatever you want to be.

How to create a relaxing Environment in your home

Music change the mood and atmosphere in any environment. From elevators to luxurious spas they all make use of music to set the mood and atmosphere. Musical scoring in films create fear, excitement or romance. In our homes you can choose what music you want and choose the atmosphere you want to create.

This 2016, we plant to create a relaxing atmosphere of natural ambient sounds. Perhaps a mini- waterfall in our Lanai or a garden with chirping birds. This will surely give our abode a natural feel and the music will overwhelm our family and guest. I am a light sleeper and this music can help me calm my mind . I hope to find some gadget like speaker or sound player from musician friend . I want to create our own relaxing environment, a space and atmosphere we feel good to be

Who said that the garage should be disorganized?

My hubby would dis-agree because our garage is well-organized . He has lots of storage container made from plastic or metal to file our tools, equipment, spare parts and other materials. Our latest addition now is 48 in drawer slides . Great to small items to clutter and confusion. We stored Christmas ornaments in one box and kids toys in another. I decorated some storage box for identity. My daughter painted her box with pink while my son with blue. I also placed fabrics around the container for textile. When buying storage box, make sure it is of good quality that can last for a long time, you should buy them a high quality store like the OVIS ONLINE.

They have a wide array of storage devices that will help you in ensuring that your garage and home is tidy.

Popular Electronic Gadgets

Today’s generation love gadgets.  Cellular phones  ,  tablets, laptops,  playstations  , MP4 players   are just some of the popular  eletronic device people would love to have.  For music , mp4  player is the best. Music has magical powers to liven up any atmosphere. Some players have voice recording facility that can be used to record your favorite music from FM Tuner and store it in the memory of your player.  Some love to enhance their music jamming with  headseats like the audiotechnica m50 the             my son recently bought from his favorite music store. My son loved to study while listening music that is why he bought this new headset becuase it has voice cancelling feature and is not heavy on the head.

Are you planning to make a home studio ?

The first thing to consider if you are planning to make a home studio is to check out the acoustic of your studio room . Choose a room that is far away from the street and noise sources, such as TV room, bathroom or kitchen. Wrong placements of the speakers would encounter phase interference between the reflected sound and the direct sound.

If you plan on recording actual live instruments such as the guitar, you should invest into a mixer. For vocals, the condenser microphone is the industry standard. Accessories for your studio should include . vt3 or voice transformer and a midi keyboard, such as the mid-air 37, or 25. Creating a good, home recording studio isn’t quite hard and it should be the goal of just about every musical performer. You can find additional suggestions by browsing reviews and tip to help you get it done .

( Thanks to my hubby who is a musician for the inputs on this article )